The NEWA Affiliate Partner Programme: A Quick Start Guide to Your Partner Portal

Welcome to the NEWA Affiliate Programme Partner Portal!

The Partner Portal is your gateway to all the assets and information you need to make NEWA a fantastic success for you and your customers and followers. Check out our Quick Start guide below to making the most out of your Partner Portal:

Logging In

To access your Portal login page, simply visit and enter your login details. These will have been emailed to you as part of registration.
Forgotten your username or password?
Contact us at or call 0800 0195 322. 


After logging in you'll be taken to the NEWA Partner Portal Dashboard. From here you'll be able to quickly see all the key information about your affiliate programme results. 
At the top, there are handy links to your Referral Link and Coupon Code - both can be used, either together or separately, to refer your customers and followers to the site. Once a purchase is made using either (or both) of these methods that customer is then linked to your account for a period of three years, meaning you'll receive a fee for every purchase they make even if they don't subsequently use your link!
Further down on this screen you will see a Summary of the programme so far, including your number of referrals, orders and earnings, along with your current conversion rate and rank against other Partners - the more orders you refer, the higher your ranking!

Marketing Tools

Next to the "Home" tab at the top of the Dashboard is the "Marketing Tools" tab. Here you can access the Product Link Creator and Media Assets Library.

Product Link Creator

By default your referral link will direct visitors to the homepage, but there may be times where you want to point your customers and followers to a certain Product or Blog page instead - e.g. during special promotional periods or to highlight your most recommended bundle or product.
To do this, simply enter the full url of the product, bundle or blog post you wish to promote in the left hand box, and a new page-specific referral link will be generated on the right. This can then be shared to Social Media using the buttons below or copied and pasted in to emails, posts and other marketing materials.

Media Asset Library

Registering for the NEWA Affiliate Partner Programme doesn't just give you great returns on NEWA products, it also entitles you to exclusive first access to all NEWA Affiliate Marketing Campaigns via the Partner Portal Media Asset Library!
From here you can download all of the logos, product photography, social media assets and campaign post wording you'll need to help your promotion stay on brand, on message and maximise your referral potential!
To download your assets, simply click on the three dots under your chosen file and choose "Download Media". Alternatively you can post straight to social media using the "Share" option, also found in this menu.


Analytics Tab

The "Analytics" tab provides you with in-depth details on how your Referral links are performing, which platform is providing the greatest numbers of referrals and the operating systems, devices and browsers used to access them.


The "Payments" tab details your current earnings, any pending payments and the details of past payments made. 

Need a VAT Invoice?

Contact to request a digital copy of your payment invoice.

Settings - Updating your Profile

Probably the most important step to take when first accessing your Partner Portal is ensuring that your profile is up to date. You can do this by clicking on the "Settings" tab and completing the fields below.

From this screen you can also adjust your preferred payment details, customize your referral link and change your password.

Referral Link

We've automatically set up your new referral link and coupon code for you, but if you wish to make things a little more personal you can do so from the "Settings" tab.

  • To customize your referral link - simply enter your new personalised link suffix into the box provided - e.g "AesthetiCare".

    Your complete new referral link will then be:[AesthetiCare]
  • To customize your coupon code - by default we've set up your existing NEWA coupon code in the affiliates portal - if you wish to change this you can do so easily by emailing with the Subject "NEWA Coupon Code Change". Please state your existing code and the new personalised code you wish to change to.

    Discount codes can be no longer than 7 characters long and can contain only letters and numbers (no symbols).


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