Four secrets to get fresh, glowing skin naturally

Everyone wants gorgeous, glowing skin for party season. But if you don’t have a facialist on speed dial to help you prep, fret not there are plenty of natural ways to enhance and replenish your skin from the comfort of your own home.

Free from visiting a professional skin clinic let’s run through four natural, quick and easy steps to help you restore a fresh and healthy, youthful glow back to your skin before your next night out.

Face yoga, the new facelift

Yes, you read that correctly. For all you downward dog lovers we’ve got some good news, bending and flexing your muscles into unthinkable positions isn’t an activity restricted to your body. Utilising the muscles in your face and stretching them into abnormal positions is a great way to keep cheeks looking chiselled and foreheads so smooth they can only be described as akin to a baby’s bottom. Even Megan Markle is an avid fan of the trend, so what does it entail?

According to face yoga expert Danielle Collis, the most effective move that should be on everyone’s daily to-do list is the ‘V’. To do this you’ll need to apply pressure between your eyebrows with both of your middle fingers. Next, look up and move your lower eyelids towards with your index fingers, which should be on the outer corners of each eye. Relax and then repeat this motion six more times, closing your eyes for 10 seconds at the end. Exercises such as this are a great way to get blood pumping around your face and tone muscles to help your skin appear firmer and more taut.

Peppermint essential oil to fill the lips

It’s undeniable – we’re all looking for a way to look more like Angelina Jolie in some capacity. Lip fillers, however, have become somewhat of a craze in the world of beauty.

It’s always a good idea to try and test a more natural approach first, and peppermint essential oil drops are a fantastic way to boost the bounciness of our lips without the commitment of a needle to the mouth. Just one or two drops added to your lip balm or pipetted onto your pout in the mornings can work wonders for that Jolie jaw.

Microdermabrasion or brown sugar?

We’re sure you’ve heard of Microdermabrasion – it’s skincare’s answer to the phrase ‘out with the old, in with the new’ – it’s a process that uses exfoliation techniques to remove dry and damaged skin cells, allowing them to replenish themselves and path the way for fresh and plump skin.

This may sound simple, but the procedure can be painful and cause redness, especially if treating scarred skin. A natural solution that’s been popping up on various beauty forums is the brown sugar, olive oil at-home solution. Simply mix the two ingredients together and rub into your skin (in circular motions, always) to achieve glowing skin in around one or two minutes. A polished and plump look for the price of a bag of sugar, who can argue with that?

Smooth wrinkles naturally with radiofrequency

Keen to find a gentler approach to revitalise your skin? The good news is, it’s possible to achieve natural, noticeable and lasting results through the use of radiofrequency technology.

Radiofrequency stimulates the skin to catalyse a natural production of collagen – you’ll still look like yourself but with a firmer, tighter and more radiant complexion after treatment.

Such treatments can be performed in-clinic, if you’re looking to tackle both the face and body. ENDYMED treatments target areas such as crow’s feet and eye hoods, as well as tired, sun-damaged or loose skin on the body.

If you’re after a more convenient option, radiofrequency technology can reach you in the comfort your own home too. The NEWA device uses the same mechanisms and procedures as the ENDYMED in-clinic treatment, but it’s portable and compact.

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