Making Year-Round Resolutions

As the festive season ends, the January blues begin - and a big part of those blues is that all too familiar feeling we should probably make some effort towards self-improvement this time around. One that will probably be abandoned by February - max.

So how do we make resolutions we actually stick to? And really believe ourselves when we preach the ‘New Year, New Me’ cliches? We’ve taken some of the most commonly held New Year’s resolutions and broken down the best ways to approach them, to make sure they’re here to last.


Whether you want to shift a few pounds, improve athletic performance, or just get a more frequent hit of those post-exercise endorphins, you’re not alone - exercise-related goals are arguably the most popular of New Year’s resolutions.

To stop that gym membership going to waste, make your goals measurable, doable and specific. The intention to ‘do more yoga’ is far less likely to become a reality than, for example, going for a run twice a week, and recording your improvements in time or distance. Have a think about what you really want to get from this and plan a clear method of achieving the end-result - seeking professional advice if required.

Accountability is also key. Find yourself a gym buddy who you won’t want to cancel on, or at least schedule exercise into your diary so you’re less likely to put it off. Signing up to classes is another great way to make yourself accountable. This can be done on a fairly low-commitment, week-by-week basis, or by signing up to a course that will help you really advance your skills.

And try your best not to think of exercise as a punishment! Give yourself a small treat after you’ve worked out and you’ll soon associate it with how rewarded you feel afterwards.

Healthy eating

Aiming to eat a little healthier after all the festive indulgence? Don’t overthink it. With countless diet fads to choose from, the claims of these so-called detoxes can be hard to ignore - but overdoing it will only lead to restriction, resentment, and a return to your old ways. Focus on making small, manageable switches that will become a long-term lifestyle change before you realise it.

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face is convenience. When time isn’t on our side, we’re much more likely to make unhealthy decisions. Maybe a takeaway dinner’s your vice, or those oh-so hard to resist office biscuits - both of which are far less tempting when you have a tasty alternative prepared in advance. Prep your lunches, plan your recipes for the evenings, and even consider ordering meal boxes that deliver fresh, healthy ingredients to your doorstep to mix up your meal rotation.

Another tip is to be mindful about how certain foods are making you feel. Our favourite chocolate bars might be comforting as we eat them, but are the headaches and sluggishness that come with the sugar crash worth it? Likewise, eating more veggies will boost our energy levels and improve our skin. Noting positive changes like these will keep you more motivated than dwelling on the treats you’re missing out on. And don’t forget, not all bodies are equal. Learning what’s best for yours will lead to far better awareness of your overall health than the feeling of dropping a dress size.

Digital detox

Our phones have become an extra limb to many, and the television our go-to relaxation time at the end of a long day. We don’t want to deprive ourselves of that too much, but the late night email and Netflix before bed may be causing more harm than we like to admit. Screens affect our circadian rhythms - the light and dark signals that tell us when we should be awake - meaning our quality of sleep often pays the price. Screen time can also be a distraction from enjoying time with family and friends to its fullest.

The easiest change to make is to ditch the devices before bed. If possible, keep them out of the bedroom all together. Picking up a book will better prepare you for a good night’s sleep - and when you’re spending more time reading, you’re doubling up on those self-improvement switches. There’s also apps on phones and computers that gradually reduce blue light as the day progresses.

Eager to cut down screen time even more? Try doing it for a day or two at a time, maybe by deleting social media apps or going totally offline for a weekend. You’ll start the week feeling more refreshed than ever before. But as always, start with small steps!


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