Radiofrequency vs. Microcurrent

Stiletto or platform heel? Bridgette Jones or Carrie Bradshaw? Radiofrequency or microcurrent? These crowd-splitting questions can divide dinner party guests any day of the week, but is it just down to personal preference, or is there a right answer? Well, we can’t vouch for our much-loved fictional heroines or your favourite feet-sized fashion statements, but we might be able to help you work out which skin-firming treatment is right for you.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Radiofrequency is used to stimulate collagen production and to re-establish a taut appearance on our face and bodies. It does this by safely interacting with key skin cells and tissues catalysing a kinetic heat, this then stimulates the skin to naturally generate new collagen fibres and more of the skin’s natural plumping and hydrating agent hyaluronic acid. Contrastingly, microcurrent focusses primarily on working the muscles underneath the skin, allowing them to strengthen and tone, thus increasing cellular metabolism. Both are used by skin professionals to provide a smoother complexion, but which is right for you?

All over care

Whereas microcurrent treatments are primarily used to target facial muscles, Radiofrequency treatments can boast a multi-pronged use – they can gently stimulate the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen. In addition, advanced professional radiofrequency systems using specific hand pieces can be used more aggressively to resurface the surface layers of the skin refreshing and renewing from the outside whilst also stimulating below the surface. Some high-level systems can also use handpiece with high quality needles to deliver the radiofrequency in an intense way to stimulate renewal of every layer of the skin. This stimulation allows for battling the signs of cellulite and tightening loose skin all over the body.

Which is less painful?

In short, neither are painful. Radiofrequency waves are small electric currents which create heat, some of the treatments can feel like a relaxing hot stone massage. Whilst some of the more intense treatments can be a little uncomfortable, none of them provide an unpleasant situation and the most advanced devices rarely result in any downtime which can affect work or social activity.

Which is more effective at treating signs of ageing?

Radiofrequency devices are used with a core focus on repairing and renewing skin making it tighter, firmer and plumper, helping removing wrinkles. Whereas microcurrent treatments are more likely to be used as a precautionary measure, on those who are looking to slow down the natural appearance of ageing on their skin.

Our skincare expert, Jenny Scragg, is resolute in her preference when it comes to treating signs of ageing. “Whether you’re looking to lift and tighten the skin, or resurface it and work on its texture, radiofrequency is the best option and will provide the longest-lasting results,” explains Jenny. “It’s also vital to note that although microcurrent works to tighten certain muscles, it can leave ageing skin looking looser than before.

Which lasts longer?

Whereas the results of Radiofrequency treatments can give an immediate short term lifting and plumping the real results are from the new collagen and skin cells they stimulate giving a long lasting natural looking result. Once the intense course of radio frequency treatments is completed, the results continue to last and can then be boosted and prolonged even further by ongoing top-ups. Microcurrent results tend to be more short term and sessions require frequent undertaking. This may not be an issue if you’re a lady of leisure, but for those with a list of commitments growing faster than the weeds in their garden, it may be tough to visit a clinic so often.

The results…

For the ultimate Gwyneth Paltrow glow, you could use both in conjunction with each other. However, not everyone has such an abundance of time to spend on their appearance. So, if effective, high-performance results that are set to last are what you’re after, then start with radiofrequency and remember to discuss your options with your skin professional they are the expert. We would recommend either booking in for an ENDYMED treatment are your local clinic, or, purchasing your very own NEWA device to achieve the results at home.


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