Skincare over the decades

You know your skin type, and have built your beauty regime around it - but are you taking your skin’s age into account? While we may find comfort in old habits and the products we’ve relied on since we can remember, our skin’s requirements change as the years go by. Only by learning to adapt and embrace each new chapter will we really give our skin what it needs to maintain its radiance. Here are some of our favourite skincare secrets for each decade of our lives.


Your skin is in its prime, and even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time, it’s likely to be the envy of others. All its inner structures should be upheld at a cellular level, retaining its firm, plump and bright appearance. We know, breakouts don’t discriminate, and everyone experiences them to different extents. Then there’s the way your skin feels after a late night… the puffy eyes and added dryness have you feeling far from your most glowing, beautiful self. But treat yourself to a face mask and a little extra pampering, and you’ll usually bounce back before you know it. It’s the accumulation of these lifestyle choices we need to think about.

Smoking, drinking, sun exposure, excessive sugar - tick any of the above, and your skin will pay the price further down the line. We’re not telling you to complete revamp your lifestyle - just stay mindful about your choices, and take a few extra preventive measures to be kinder to future you.

SPF is the big one, which may not come as a surprise. Sun exposure accelerates skin ageing like nothing else, when much of the damage caused is preventable. Invest in a quality product SPF and apply it religiously to reduce the short and long term impact of the sun’s powerful rays. Trust us, you’ll be thankful for it later!

It’s also a great time to incorporate retinol into your routine. This pure vitamin A derivative speeds up cell turnover and stimulates collagen - meaning smoother, brighter skin, with reduced acne and sunspots. Check the percentage of retinol in your chosen product before you start - this potent chemical compound should be introduced gradually, as it can cause irritation if you go in too hard too fast.


You might be noticing the effect of various lifestyle and environmental factors as they creep to surface of your skin. Your collagen levels are also decreasing by this point, and elastin production lowers. Then if you’re pregnant or using birth control pills, varying hormone levels come into play, altering your skin tone.

So what can we do about it? The first thing to look at is your cleansing routine. If wipes were your method of choice during your twenties, it’s time to reconsider. Wipes often contain alcohol, akin them much too abrasive. Try a lighter, gentler cleanser filled with natural ingredients.

Gentler isn’t always better, however. When it comes to exfoliating, consider stepping it up a gear. Your cell turnover lowers in your thirties, so your skin needs a little extra assistance to keep it looking its best. Chemical exfoliators are especially effective at removing dead skin cells and brightening the complexion.

If your old moisturiser isn’t doing the trick anymore, switch to a thicker formula to ramp up the hydration. And while you’re reconsidering your product of choice, try bringing new vitamins into your regime. We recommend a combination of vitamin C and E, which work harmoniously together to even out the skin tone.


Your skin is probably much calmer and more predictable now, which is definitely a plus. With breakouts becoming a thing of the past, skincare in your forties is mostly about recognising which processes are slowing down beyond the dermal layer and giving them some extra support.

Collagen production is one of these processes. The rate at which it’s naturally formed continuously decreases as we age, but there’s plenty of foods, products and even devices that can help with its stimulation. Vitamin C is brilliant for this, both to consume through our diet and to apply topically. Copper is also invaluable for collagen formation, although the two shouldn’t be mixed together as they deactivate each other when combined. For faster results, consider stepping up to in-clinic treatments. A dermatologist will be able to recommend the best fit for your skincare goals.

Our skin also produces less sebum, making us more exposed to environment aggressors like pollution. Antioxidant rich serums help fight the free radicals in the atmosphere, maintaining that protective barrier.

Then there’s hyaluronic acid, a buzzword you might hear a lot at the moment - and it’s one worth listening to. Hyaluronic acid is an essential building block of healthy skin, and basically a superhero in terms of moisture retention. What many don’t know is that we do produce it naturally - but again, it’ll happen at a reduced rate at this age. Look out for it in serums, treatments and moisturisers to minimise dryness and fine lines.


The menopause marks a significant shift in hormones, and one that we have to adjust to accordingly. We lose up to 30% of the collagen in our skin within the first five years of menopause - and making up for this loss calls for treatments with a deeper impact. Radiofrequency treatments stimulate collagen at a dermal level, noticeably tightening the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They can be carried out at-home or in-clinic, and are completely non-invasive.

Another inevitability of the menopause is a lowering of your oestrogen levels. Oestrogen is partly responsible for retaining the skin’s barrier function, so as it drops you may be finding that dreaded dryness even harder to tackle. Another trick to maxing out on moisturising is by layering your products. Apply a powerful, lightweight serum packed with nutrients before your moisturiser. Combining the two products will make them work more effectively and really lock in that hydration.

And if your skin’s beginning to look duller than it previously did, you’re not alone. This is a common complaint of women in their fifties. Exfoliating more frequently and thoroughly will really brighten up and even out that skin tone.


In the midst of all the anti-wrinkle rhetoric, the main thing to remember in your sixties is to love your skin. It’s been with you through all these years, and your comfort within it is what truly makes you look your best. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little rejuvenation - and of course, keep up with the skincare you’ve learnt works for you. To boost your glow a little more, visit your dermatologist or pick up an at-home radiofrequency device for a treatment perfectly suited to this stage in life. But above all, maintain your confidence and you’ll shine from the inside-out.

So, whatever your age, whatever your current skincare routine is, you now have no excuse to not be answering your skins needs. Ageing doesn’t need to be daunting, we have it all figured out for you. Adding radiofrequency to your regime couldn’t be easier with the introduction of NEWA into your daily routine; there’s no rule that says glowing skin is restricted to your twenties.


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