Tis’ the season to have glowing skin

As we pick out clothes adorned with sequins and pass through streets lined in Christmas lights, there’s no doubt that this is a time of year where everything glistens and glows. While we might not strive for quite the same level of sparkle on our skin, a little extra radiance certainly doesn’t go amiss. Party makeup always looks its best when applied to a clear, healthy complexion. Here are some tips on giving your skin the TLC it needs, so you can embrace that long-awaited special occasion feeling like your glowiest and most confident self.


Winter skin is notoriously hard to maintain. The cold and blustery weather can wreak havoc with your complexion, no matter how much you wrap up warm. The reddening of the skin seems unavoidable, and dry patches emerge. Keeping on top of moisturising is a key part of combatting this. To optimise your current routine, make sure you’ve picked a moisturiser suited to your skin type. It’s usually advised that lighter formulas are better for oily skin to prevent pores from clogging, while dryer skin requires a thicker product. Regardless of your skin type, it’s worth considering a thicker moisturiser during the winter months to get that deep, hydrating nourishment and give the skin an extra protective layer. And it’s not just density of the product that’s important. Look out for quality, natural ingredients, and apply your chosen moisturiser day and night to keep dryness at bay.


Regular exfoliation goes hand in hand with moisturising, removing dead skin to smooth and soften the surface layer. Don’t do this tooregularly though - scrubbing your skin vigorously each day strips it of essential oils, causing more harm than good. A few times a week should suffice for normal skin, or once a week if it’s especially sensitive. And don’t forget your lips. They’re especially vulnerable to the elements, with chapped lips being synonymous with this time of year. A good lip scrub will remove dry patches and keep them feeling soft, also resulting in a plumper appearance. Whether a statement red lip is your seasonal go-to or not, healthy looking lips enhance any party makeup look.


A soothing hot chocolate or mulled wine is hard to beat during the festive season - but topping up a glass of water alongside your favourite winter warmer will go a long way in helping you look and feel your best. Staying hydrated is paramount to our overall health. It maintains the function of every system in our body - the skin included. Drinking around eight glasses of water a day will minimise breakouts and maintain clear, dewy skin, ensuring you’re glowing from the inside-out.


A little overindulgence over Christmas is inevitable - and not something anyone wants to shy away from. Those festive feasts and delicious treats are nourishing for our tastebuds and our souls. A little moderation does go a long way, however, as alcohol, sugar and caffeine take their toll on the skin when consumed in excess. But it isn’t all about restriction. The nutritional value of certain foods makes them skincare heroes, and incorporating these into your diet between the turkey sandwiches and mince pies will make a real difference to the health of your skin. Take oily fish, for example - they’re packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Or dark chocolate, which is loaded with flavanols. These naturally-occurring compounds contribute to smoother skin by increasing our blood flow. Maybe one more from the selection box isn’t such a bad thing?


Our schedules are often jam packed throughout the festive season. When it’s with family gatherings, catching up with friends and present shopping, it’s hardly worth complaining about - but don’t let your much-needed kip fall down your list of priorities. These hours are crucial for recharging our bodies and minds. It’s also when the skin repairs and rejuvenates itself, regulating blood flow to reduce dullness and dark under-eye circles. The right amount of sleep differs from person to person, but if you aim for around eight hours you’ll be all ready to enjoy those festive plans to their fullest.


Those relaxing nights in are just as much of a treat as the long-awaited nights out. A warm bath running, face mask on, candles lit… it’s the ultimate you-time. And now, there’s a way you can take your pamper routine to the next level, thanks to advances in radiofrequency technology. With the NEWA device, you can significantly reverse the signs of ageing, enjoying what was previously an in-clinic treatment from the comfort of your own home. The handheld device stimulates collagen production at a cellular level, resulting in smoother, firmer and younger looking skin – and it creates a gentle massaging sensation as it works its magic. The treatment is most effective when carried out over the course of a few weeks, although the changes are noticeable after the first use. So next time you cosy up with a Christmas film, grab your NEWA device and discover how it not only revolutionises your wind down routine, but the radiance of your skin.

Incorporate these tips into your party prep and give yourself the gift of your best skin yet this Christmas. That boosted confidence will shine from within on those special occasions, and last way beyond the hours of the party.


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