How to use your NEWA skin tightening device

NEWA treatments are simple, quick and utterly relaxing. Watch the video to see how to use your NEWA and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Make sure your face and neck are clean and dry, without any residual make-up, and remove all jewellery.
  2. Select your treatment area based on your concerns:
    • Crow’s feet: Upper cheek area
    • Lost definition of jawline: Jawline area
    • Laxity under the chin: Under the chin area

         Each area takes just eight minutes to treat, so why not treat all areas for the maximum results!

  1. Plug in your NEWA device. Remove the protective cap, and apply two lines of your NEWA activator gel to the tip.
  2. Before switching your NEWA on, using the tip of your NEWA, spread the gel over the entire treatment area that you’ve chosen to start with.
  3. To start your treatment, move the switch to treatment level two.
  4. Now press the power button. A blue light will start blinking, indicating that your NEWA has started working.
  5. Place the NEWA tip on your skin and move the device in a constant circular motion across the treatment area, ensuring an even coverage of the area. Your skin will start to feel warm. If your skin feels too warm, increase the size of your circles slightly.
  6. NEWA will indicate that your skin has reached the optimum temperature by the light on the button changing to green. When you’ve reached the end of treatment cycle for that area your NEWA will gently vibrate.
  7. Start the process again by applying another two lines of gel to your NEWA tip, and move onto the next treatment area.

Immediately afterwards your skin will feel firmer and plumper. It may be a little red, but this will subside very quickly.

How often should I use NEWA?

Boost your skins activity by using your NEWA three-five times a week for the first four weeks, then just twice a week thereafter. It really couldn’t be simpler!

Who should use NEWA?

Whether you’re in your late 20s, 40s or 60s, NEWA will change your skin and become your go-to beauty tool.

NEWA stimulates the natural biological processes and is an outstanding, clinically proven treatment, perfect for those who want to reverse the ageing process and perfect for those who want to hold wrinkles at bay.

In our 20s, our natural production of collagen and skin cell activity starts to slow down. As we enter our 30s our skin starts to show the visible signs of ageing, which then become more noticeable as we enter our 40s and beyond; with lines, wrinkles and skin loosing it’s elasticity. This physical change is accelerated by environmental factors such as the damage caused by UV and pollution.

NEWA is safe to use on all skin types and feels like a warm massage – perfect for indulgence and relaxation.

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