Skin rejuvenation results

NEWA reduces wrinkles and is clinically proven to rebuild collagen, leaving skin firmer and tighter with a more radiant complexion.

The results you’ll see are natural and long-lasting, but you will also see improvements immediately after your treatment, making it the perfect treat before a special occasion!

Immediately after your treatment: Skin feels plumper and tighter, with a radiant glow.

After your four-week boost: Fine lines and wrinkles will be noticeably reduced and skin is firmer and smoother.

After 12 weeks’ use: Further reduction in wrinkles, firmer, smoother skin with ongoing improvements over time.

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Results may vary from person to person. Please refer to our Clinical data.

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What our customers say…
I absolutely love the way NEWA makes my skin look and feel, and it’s not just me that’s noticed a difference, I’ve had lovely comments from friends and family too! I’ve been using NEWA for just over 4 weeks now and my skin is smoother and tighter, I can really feel the difference – especially when I’m putting on my make-up which just glides on now. I’ve already recommended it to my friends!
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Clinical Data

NEWA is supported by a number of clinical papers…just one of the reasons that it has been cleared by the USA FDA for skin tightening. With fabulous results like 100% of participants seeing an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, you can see why it stands head and shoulders above it’s competition!

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